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Jupiter in Gemini offers new opportunities for Creative Insight

May 2013

In Shamanic Astrology, many of the qualities of Genius are found in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is associated with the Fool card in the Tarot - not in the sense of foolishness, but in the sense of having wit, of being able to express things in new ways that surprise and delight us. It also represents the shape-shifter, of being able to occupy new perspectives and bring forward new qualities. The constellation of Gemini is associated with the Twins, but conceptually we see this as being able to hold dualities, being able to embrace both sides of a paradox without any need to choose one truth over another.

This ability to embrace both sides of a paradox is a key quality of the great leaps forward in human consciousness in this time. In physics, it was genius to accept that the basic elements of matter and energy are not just particles or waves, but both. Many of the deeper truths of spirituality are nothing but paradox - we are one, and yet we are each unique and irreplaceable; everything is absolutely perfect as it is, and yet it is right to strive for a better world.

Jupiter is transiting the latter degrees of Gemini this spring, from 10 degrees at the Spring Equinox all the way to the end shortly after the Summer Solstice. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and new possibility, activating Gemini qualities for all of humanity and lighting up any personal chart elements (Rising, Mars, Venus, Moon, Sun) that we individually have in Gemini.

This is a rich time for all of us to explore the creative space that holding new and paradoxical perspectives can bring. Take any truth you live by and turn it upside-down; what else is possible?

-Apollo Grace

Core Light, LLC